Qantas - Spirit of Australia

Using data to drive consideration and USA bums on seats


Australia is at the top of Americans’ bucket list, but Qantas was struggling to get them Down Under. Using the generosity of spirit inherent in Qantas’s organising idea, ‘The Spirit of Australia’, we thought about how we could make it easier for Americans to make the trip.

After a little digging, we uncovered a unique problem – 3 out of 5 Americans don’t have a passport.

So we gave them one.

Our campaign quickly made headlines across local and international media, reaching an audience of 225 million people through earned PR alone. 17.4 million Twitter impressions were generated in 4 weeks, reaching 9.5 million unique users. In just 10 days, received over 20% of its total annual website traffic. The campaign delivered +158% YOY bookings.


Using Google AdWords as real-time fire alert network


Using Snapchat as a tool to track down missing persons